About Us

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s addictive, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it teaches. There are very few constant emotions in our lives – the will to keep exploring, travelling, eating and laughing. Original Gadabouts is our blank slate on which we create the same emotions for you. We explore, we eat and spread love.  

We are best friends who are completely opposite. But the one thing that brings us together is our love for travel, food and the little joys of life. Forgive us if we confuse you and praise us if we inspire you.

We would love you to be a part of both our worlds; the one we have experienced and the one we want to still explore. We are the curious kinds.


No matter how quiet I am my mind is a complete chaos. I live to read, explore, fulfill my curiosity binge and try making sense of the world around me.

I describe myself as:


The little journeys of my life have got me closer to what I love; Travel and food. This made me realize that there are a million opportunities waiting to be explored.  Being a media student has opened up my mind to a million different possibilities. I aspire to be a pastry chef, at the same time a food writer and a traveler; yes all these in one lifetime.

I describe myself as – Berries and cream lover. Storyteller. Starbucks addict. Inspired foodie & traveller


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